Alexandra Arrivillaga is an accomplished communications professional and management consultant.

Alexandra Arrivillaga was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and raised in Boston (MA). She is a first-generation immigrant along with her grandparents. Alexandra is a Bostonian to the core though she proudly embraces her traditional Latin heritage. She is also an activist for women and human rights in her community. Alexandra lives in the greater Boston area.


Alexandra Arrivillaga first became familiar with business while attending Lesley University in Cambridge (MA), where she was class president all four years. Alexandra received her Bachelor of Science in Management. After graduating in 2005, she attended Cambridge University, where she earned her Master ‘s in Management. She has since then completed coursework at Concord Law School (CA). In 2018, Alexandra received her PhD in Business in Organizational Behavior at North Central University in Minneapolis (MN). She plans to continue her legal studies in Boston.

Professional Experience

Alexandra Arrivillaga founded Lock It Up Security , LLC, a commercial-based telecommunications company in Boston, MA. The company works on a sub-contractor basis, installing security cameras in businesses. From humble beginnings in her basement back in 2009, Alexandra grew the company into a leading security firm that has served such large companies as Pandora and Walmart as well as local businesses in the area. Lock It Up, Security, LLC, works to serve as a world-class provider of electronic security and low-voltage solutions. In 2015, Alexandra sold Lock it Up, LLC, for an undisclosed amount so she could commit all of her attention to developing her new venture, Owl Management Consulting.

Located in Chestnut Hill, Owl Management Consulting focuses on strategy and diversity consulting. In 2016, Alexandra Arrivillaga opened a second consultant company named Proplex 5, LLC. Within that same year, Alexandra created a software company named Social Biz, LLC. She lives in the greater Boston area.

Community Involvement & Volunteer Work

IMG_1853When she isn’t managing a business , Alexandra Arrivillaga firmly believes in giving back to the community. She is an activist for women and human rights in her community. While attending Lesley University, she was a regular community volunteer. Later, through her work with Lock It Up, Alexandra has made herself a well-known name in her local community.  She’s actively involved as a volunteer in the greater Boston area, helping community stores manage their businesses. One of her main focuses is helping Metrowest and the Greater Boston Area Portuguese and Latino community; Alexandra speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, so she works to communicate and translate business aspects to them.  In that same vein, she volunteers at the Cambridge Public Library as an English instructor, helping recent immigrants adjust to life in the US. From 2006 until 2009, she also worked as a GED instructor.  She’s currently volunteering her time with the Salvation Army.

Travel & Culture

Another one of Alexandra’s great passions is travel; she makes an effort to travel as much as possible, and previously visited foreign countries around four times a year. To date, Alexandra has visited over 50 countries. She first got the “travel bug” while attending Lesley University, when she visited Hawaii during her spring break.  To this day, Hawaii remains one of her favorite places in the world. After spending her spring break in Hawaii, Alexandra then traveled to Italy, where she spent a summer learning Italian, which ties in with another great interest of hers: foreign languages. However, one of the most meaningful trips that she’s ever taken was to Colombia. Alexandra comes from the traditional De Castro family of Barranquilla, Colombia, where her great grandfather, Diego A. De Castro, was the city’s first governor. 19399341_1917433038470948_1749058452046549164_n