AI Uses in Businesses

Some think artificial intelligence (AI) is only used on large corporations, but that’s not true. Businesses of all sizes use AI for a myriad of reasons. It is frequently found in businesses that have a customer service department. AI can make chatbots perform better with more programmed responses as well as provide faster and deeper data analytics. AI will be used more as the technology is mainstreamed and cheaper. Businesses are already expecting to use AI in the near future, since 57% expect it “to improve customer experience and support” per Datamation.  Customers are already used to using AI in their homes with through apps and devices (e.g. Alexa). 


We have already seen AI in medicine with machines that read scans (e.g. CT and PET). However, AI is most notably known for performing repetitive tasks in manufacturing, such as robots attaching a car door to a frame. The robots perform this task faster and with precision. AI helps the robots to see show the task can be performed better to save even more time and avoid problems (e.g. broken bolts). Aside from performing tasks, AI helps businesses perfect their strategies by providing big data that will predict customer behaviors, which will give businesses new ways to reach customers as well as customize their experiences. When CEOs know how and when their products are used, they can better tailor marketing strategies to these customers. AI can even make recommendations based on previous purchases and searches to customers. AI also detects fraud faster as well as predict when future instances of fraud may occur (i.e. banking). 


AI makes businesses function more efficiently not only through processing and data analytics, but in everyday business tools, including emails and news feeds. AI can improve spam filters, categorize emails and automate responders. It can automate web service, perform smarter searches and enhance security surveillance. AI can also personalize news feeds, keeping businesses better connected to their industries. There are only a few ways AI can help businesses. In the near future, AI will play a bigger role in how businesses are set up and function, as the major of their services will be automated in some fashion (other than apps). It will be interesting to see how AI will take a more physical role (robotic) in the near future.