Ways To Motivate Employees During The Holiday Season

Alexandra ArivillagaMaintaining employee morale during the holiday season can be a pretty arduous task.  Whether it be that the winter days are longer, impending vacation days, or financial holiday stress, employees tend to become preoccupied and somewhat disengaged. Ultimately, it is up the managers to navigate ways to keep employees engaged and on track to meet year-end goals. Developing an enriching culture during the holidays will encourage employees sustain or even improve productivity. How can managers successfully accomplish doing so? Here are a few tips to help keep employees motivated during the holiday season.

Give the office a festive facelift

Transform the office into a space that embraces the holiday spirit. Employees would much rather be at work if they were in a space that was warm and inviting. Managers could even use the decorating the office as a team building  opportunity. The weekly or bi-weekly office meeting could instead be replaced by entire office decorating together.

Staff outings

Ice skating, hockey games, holiday plays or concerts –are just a few examples of the activities the office can do together. Step out the normal holiday box and invite the staff to participate in something they might not have ever done otherwise.

Secret Santa

What’s better than a gift? A surprise gift. Secret Santa promotes excitement and generosity in the office. Switch up the traditional way of carrying out this activity be allowing employees to randomly leave surprise gifts on a fellow employee’s desk throughout the month of December. The glory is that the gifts do not have to be expensive at all. One day it could be a new stapler or a cup of coffee already waiting on a desk upon arrival. Keep it simple and keep it fun.

Flexible hours

Some employees may have travel plans and others might have a hard time accommodating their children’s holiday school schedule. Whatever the case may be, help alleviate some of their stress by offering flexible work hours.